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VUPSa 08/22/19 16:23:42 A923403184-00A NORM Ticket No: A923403184-00A NEW GRID NORM LREQ Transmit Date: 08/22/2019 Time: 04:23 PM Op: 1MIH Call Date: 08/22/2019 Time: 04:23 PM Due By Date: 08/27/2019 Time: 07:00 AM Update By Date: 09/11/2019 Time: 11:59 PM Expires Date: 09/16/2019 Time: 07:00 AM Old Tkt No: A923403184 Original Call Date: 08/22/2019 Time: 04:23 PM Op: 1MIH City/Co: PRINCE EDWARD Place: State: VA Address: 2016 Street: S MAIN ST Cross 1: CLARK ST Lot # Type of Work: SURVEY - INSTALLING STAKES, PINS OR MONUMENTS Location: ENTIRE PROPERTY AND BOTH SIDES OF STREET MARK ALL UTILITIES, INCLUDING UNDERGROUND UTILITIES, FOR THE PROPERTY AT SHEETZ #395, 2016 S. MAIN ST, FARMVILLE, VA 23901. PURPOSE IS TO SURVEY LOCATIONS OF ALL MANHOLES, INLETS, CLEANOUTS AND LOCATIONS OF WATER, GAS, ELECTRIC, CABLE AND SEWER LINES AND ASSOCIATED FEATURES. Instructions: Whitelined: N Blasting: N Boring: N Company: RAUCH INC. Contact Name: DOUG BROWN Field Contact: DOUG BROWN Mapbook: Grids: 3716C7824D-11 3716C7824D-12 3716C7824D-20 3716C7824D-21 3716C7824D-22 3716C7824D-23 3716C7824D-24 3716C7824D-30 3716C7824D-31 3716C7824D-32 3716C7824D-33 3716C7824D-34 3716C7824D-41 3716C7824D-42 3716C7824D-43 3716C7824D-44 3716D7824D-02 3716D7824D-03 Members: CTL154 = CENTURYLINK INC DOM710 = DOMINION ENERGY INC FMV274 = TOWN OF FARMVILLE LMS578 = LUMOS NETWORKS INC MBC485 = MID-ATLANTIC BROADBAND COMMUNITSTC555 = SHENANDOAH TELECOMMUNICATIONS ***Ticket Info Has Been Condensed*** Response information for A923403184 Response Member Date & Time 10 CENTURYLINK INC CTL154 08/26/2019 01:59 PM Marked 10 DOMINION ENERGY INC DOM710 08/26/2019 02:01 PM Marked 50 TOWN OF FARMVILLE FMV274 08/26/2019 01:36 PM Installation records, maps or other documents have been provided 30 LUMOS NETWORKS INC LMS578 08/26/2019 01:59 PM No Conflict; utility is outside of stated work area. 30 MID-ATLANTIC BROADBAND COMMUNITIES CORP MBC485 08/26/2019 03:15 PM No Conflict; utility is outside of stated work area. 30 SHENANDOAH TELECOMMUNICATIONS STC555 08/25/2019 09:50 PM No Conflict; utility is outside of stated work area.